They say money is the source of all vices if used wrongly but it can also be a source of all comfort life can offer. You will need to cultivate discipline from within to ensure that your expenditure is not more than your disposable income or your savings are very minimal, balance is key. Here are some tips to help you learn how to strike a healthy balance:

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  1. Spending
    Whenever you receive any amount, you need to carefully calculate your pending, or else you will find yourself impulse buying. Keep track of your spending and narrow it down to the basics to ensure that you have enough to save. It is important to record all your expenditure for easy tracking.
  2. Budget for savings.

Once you have proper figures on your expenditure it will be easy for you to calculate how much money you can save monthly or any other time depending on how frequently you receive money.    Always budget for your savings to ensure you are.

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  1. Set a saving goal.
    When you have a specific goal of doing something you will have the self-drive to do anything to reach that set goal. Before saving you should often ask yourself, “what am I saving for?” It might be a car, a house, a piece of land. No matter what the reason is, it will give you direction on how you should go about it. Always categorize your goals into short term and long term.
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  1. Decide on your priorities.
    The more money you get the more the expenses incurred. It is normally advisable to focus on your priorities when you are planning to spend any amount of money. It may be challenging at first but the more you do this, it develops to a healthy pattern that will enable you to save more.
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  1. Choose the right tools.
    Gone are the days when people would save all their money under a mattress or walk with it. Various firms have come up to do the saving for you. You can choose a platform whereby your money will gain interest over a certain period like banks, insurance firms through money market funds, and SACCOs; you can also choose the simplest method we have today by saving in M-shwari through Safaricom. Choose a platform that will be flexible and convenient for you.
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  1. Discipline
    This is a self-drive that determines all your actions which most of the time brings out a positive outcome. If you are not willing to be disciplined with your spending you will never save at all. You will end up in a whole cycle whereby you will be using all your money without planning for the future. The harsh reality is that you may not always have money, and your savings now will come in handy.

Being financially disciplined is a gift you can always reward yourself. The progress might be slow but completely worth it. Take the step today and be bold enough to minimize every unwanted expense. Make the art of saving become a lifestyle. Know more on, medicare agents