pain. healing


As the phone rang, I looked at the caller ID and clicked the ignore button. A year had passed since I fled from your toxicity and this phone call was to lure me back. As silly as this might sound, it took a simple phone call for me to end up entangled with you between your sheets. There is always that person who knows you too well to know the right buttons to push using words. You were that person for me, my ultimate weakness.

The past couple of months were emotionally rough because I threw the towel on us. Your toxicity had become the core that dictated my moods and everything concerning me. Settling into a new job was not going that well considering the heartbreak, my mind was not at ease. Your absence made me sleepless with thoughts of what could have been if you just stayed loyal. My heart yearned for your touch and some nights, sleep seemed afar because I was so used to your wrapped hands around me, which made me sleep peacefully.


We had a dysfunctional kind of relationship whereby you were the perpetrator, the terror that shook my very core. The manipulative words, the lies, the mental bullying all made you in control. Sometimes I think you liked torturing me just to see me shed a tear under the mercy of your feet. Forbidden fruit tastes sweeter, and so is playing wife for a mare lover, wifely duties, and pleasures which leads to zero respect. Know more on, seat covers

One of the bravest decisions was fleeing from you for the very first time. At first, I didn’t want to because despite my jobless state you sheltered me, fed me to some extent clothed me. Ideally, we are all wired to remember changes that made us stronger and this change was really painful but worth it. With several suitcases, I rang the doorbell to my parents’ home, who welcomed me with open arms.

I was being unreasonable because it was the first time you cheated, how pathetic!

Their prodigal daughter came back home after years of hiding away due to fear and shame. You thought I was being unreasonable because it was the first time you cheated, how pathetic!. Your selfishness blinded you making your main concern centred on how I viewed your transgression. Your ego made you so distant that you didn’t notice how depression took residence in my life.

You knew my love for phone calls and took it upon yourself to call me daily, pleading in the name of your so-called love to make amends with me. The more you called the more my heart remained warm and soft to your charm. Sex is the mother of all good and bad patterns that will shape your life, this played out in my life. You had asked to see me over the weekend, and I knew what would happen, I wanted it to happen. Men are visual creatures and this was my driving motive for my attire selection. By the end of the meeting, I was intertwined with your body, forgave your transgressions, and became your mate again.

The heart can be so gullible and vulnerable when in love which leads to stupid decisions. A few months after our blissful reunion you went back to your old habits. As disrespectful as it was my heart thought you would change, and my love burned with the same flame. It’s a mystery to how the heart reasons because how do you stay in love with someone who tears you down every day? how do you kiss that person every morning without shuddering?. You vowed to change and talked me out of leaving you a couple of times. But words without actions are pointless, just uttering English into a blank space.

For the second and final time, I gathered my belongings and left. Honestly, my heart thought that we would work this out like we always do but destiny had something different in-store. The days turned to months, it dawned on me we were over. Women are known to pick themselves up faster in the event of heartbreak and I lived up to this. My life had to go on with or without you. Though I have to admit there is a void in my heart, thirst only you could quench. And here you are a year later, blowing up my phone, this was a phone call from hell.

” Hello! How are you?” you asked in a deep raspy voice
“I’m okay!” I responded
A moment of silence passed between us.
” If you are home please come by we talk as you pick some of the clothes you left behind,” you said in a soft voice which was very familiar to me
” I don’t need them, just burn them,” I hang up the phone.

It’s funny how just the sound of your voice was able to completely throw me off balance. For a split second, I longed for you, your touch.