Over the years I have never been enthusiastic about religious festivities but when it comes to Easter, my whole being radiates happiness. Funny enough I don’t celebrate it with heavy meals, outings, and such like stuff, I rather use this time to reflect deeply on all the Lord has done for me. Every year I realize His goodness, love, and compassion accompanied by a great sense of peace.

Can you try for a moment and put yourself in Jesus’ shoes? He knew that one of his friends would betray him, to make matters worse he knew the exact person who would do it.  He knowing this fact did not make him kick Judas from the group, with immense love for Judas He still talked to him, dined with him, and even washed his feet. Jesus was remarkable, what manner of patience, compassion, and love He had for humanity. It was not hidden that the people would also ask that he be crucified instead of Barabbas a criminal. Still, when he stood crucified at Calvary He muttered these words,” Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” (Selah)

Jesus’ humility amazes me, honestly, I do not think I would be humble like he was. In the garden we see his flesh taking over when he asks God to take the cup away from him. He probably must have been overwhelmed with the thought of being betrayed by his friend and in the long run being crucified. All in all, he was more than willing to go through this process to deliver us and make us one with the father. On Calvary, he cried out “Eli Eli Lama Sabacthani (My God why have you forsaken me). You might be wondering why he cried out these words yet he was the Father’s beloved son. When He hung on the cross he was viewed as a sin and the Holy Spirit left him (God is a holy God, he cannot be associated with sin) for this reason He felt alone, deserted abandoned.

Can we talk about the blood of Christ? The source of life in any living thing is blood, this is why whenever you go for a blood transfusion or you lose blood in any way you instantly become weak. In the Old Testament whenever one would sin, to appease God they would offer an animal with no defects, drain the animal’s blood completely and sprinkle the blood on the altar and sometimes on the sinner. Once this sacrifice was offered the sinner would be assured that whatever sin they committed was completely forgiven.

The body and blood of Jesus Christ was the final sacrifice that was needed to forgive us from our sins. For this reason, we do not need mediators to approach God or even offer sacrifices to God anymore. When Cain killed his brother Abel we are told that the blood of Abel cried out for justice and justice was served. If the blood of a mere man can cry for justice imagine what the blood of someone who loves you enough to die for you speaks about you (Selah)

The basis of our faith is Jesus died and rose again and reigns in eternity, based on this I too will raise from the dead and live eternally with him. My heart still can’t fathom that the power that resurrected Christ resides in me simply because I believe (Selah) let me break it down! When Jesus died on the cross, his body died but His spirit descended into hell. Why hell? Before the coming of Jesus everyone who had died without belief in God their spirit was in hades (remember daemons too reside here) and they were tormented for eternity. Jesus went and preached to them who were captives and all who believed in him were set free by Him taking the key of the cages the devil had placed them in and setting them free. He then ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of the father.

They said cursed is the man who hangs on a tree and He who had no sin was cursed for my sake so that I may be free for eternity.


He could not stand the thought of me being tormented by my shortcomings that He took it upon himself to reconcile me to Him. He delivered us from the bondage of sicknesses (by his stripes we are healed), He delivered us from the bondage of unproductivity (the nails that pierced his hands and feet), He made a way whereby I could intimately talk to the father.

Easter reminds me of who I am because of this manner of great love and sacrifice. I am because He is and because He prevailed I shall prevail. Be blessed!