Today ill wear that LBD dress that flaunts my curves and I don’t care what anyone thinks, ill wear it for you. I’ll do my make-up right, make my hair and the icing of the cake will be You noticing me. I’ll put on my perfume so that just in case you hug me the scent will be all over you, marking my territory.

The first few days and months of falling in love are such bliss. The endless phone calls, corny texts, the butterflies, the steamy make-outs, and most important the moments you get to spend with each other. I was always told that love at first sight never existed, I guess I proved that theory wrong.

On this particular day, I went to your workstation with one intent, for you to notice me. As I walked into the bank I could tell I drew your attention because I could feel how your eyes were on me. I filled in the cash deposit form and stood in the queue. It was a probability that I would land on your counter for you to serve me so that I could be next to you.

It had been a month of gestures with no actual words between us. And I swear from the moment I laid my eyes on you I felt something shift. It might have been my heart leaping in joy, my brain trying to analyze you, or my ovaries wanting to have babies for you. Did it matter, hell no! Because it was you.

We had gone through this with my best friend. I would go to your counter and actually talk to you. Smile sheepishly if necessary so as to get your attention. The main reason I was in this LBD was for you to see how beautifully endowed I was. I will not mess this up given the chance and just in case you don’t get to attend to me, I would try again tomorrow. Five minutes of your time was enough. Women are the most conniving creatures on this earth, and I am not apologetic about it.

By luck or fate I landed on your counter and when you said “hello” I was left in awe. We talked for a while, you even made me smile. As I walked back to my office, I couldn’t help but allow your voice to ring constantly in my head, your smile, your eyes… everything about you was perfect. I thought I was the only one playing this game till one night after I got home I got a call. Guess who, yes you, my man. Funny enough I didn’t care to know how you got my number. I was elated.

Don’t get me wrong. We all know in this digital era of courting when you are mesmerized by someone the final stage is getting their number so that you get to know them on a more intimate and personal level. Send them cheeky texts to gauge their reaction and just feel more butterflies and just feel.

Something felt right and as I gradually became yours I felt alive with every moment. Everything fit perfectly.

Falling in love doesn’t have to be scary and there is no formula of how you will fall in love. The beauty of love is that it happens in the most unexpected places with the most unexpected person. But when you meet them you will know it’s them, your heart will know.