I look back at the life that we shared, and immediately my heart feels an intense sense of longing. I remember when I said I wanted you to stay in my life because I couldn’t imagine living every day without you. I remember all the nights that we spent as if the world was ours as if we were the only two people in the world.
You have no idea how much I remember every single moment that I had with you.
Because how could I forget a part of my life that was once special to my heart?
I think that wherever place I will end up, and whatever situation I will find myself in the future — my heart will remember you as I look up at the dark expanse of the sky. And I don’t think I will ever forget you, even if we lost each other, even if our relationship was short-lived.
You will always be my favourite person to write about, the story told to the people I meet. You will always be someone who nursed my heart to life with an intense love that brought down all my walls.
You will always be the best thing that I have set free.
But as for now, I am gradually accepting that maybe we’re not meant for each other. I believe that life has something better in store for me. Our season came and went like the wind. How does one forget a love so great that elated you to the sky?

It might take me a while to forget and let you go, im content that life placed you along my path. Maybe someone is already destined to be your better half, and although it’s heartbreaking to know that it’s not me you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, I am still trying my best to be happy for you, for both of us.

I am trying to distance myself from you, hoping that my soul will get a sense of healing and relief. My heart tries not to think of how content you are in your life while I am here putting my broken pieces together, nursing my heart to life. But I know that I am strong enough to mend this heartache. Time has a healing nature that will give me the courage to let go of my fears of finding love. I will turn the mistake of us into lifelong lessons.

I believe one day I will meet someone who will fill my life with so much happiness. And when that time comes, my heart will be ready to be claimed by someone who will be honoured to take care of it and complete it. I will be so happy in someone else’s arms that the pain I got from you will become irrelevant. I will see my reflection in someone’s eyes and be overwhelmed to realize that it feels just right. I will no longer have to doubt myself if I’m giving out too much love or too little of it because the love I’m sharing is coming back to me.


  1. Eiiish middii am so proud of you and your writing ..,keep keep up

  2. I think after reading this I’m ready to love again!
    So timely 👏

    Good job.

    Ima be an anonymous frequent reader now!

    Good work. Kudos!

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